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Announcing Alumnus of the Year Recognition Program

Persons nominated for this award will have graduated from St. Nicholas of Tolentine and demonstrated, at least, one of the following attributes:

1.Exemplifies and outwardly demonstrates the guiding values and principles learned at St. Nicholas.

2.Provides service to his or her local community or world community.

3.Works diligently toward the concept of “paying it forward”, whether within his or her chosen career or life involvement in general.


Nomination Process:

1.The nomination form will be available in the school office, on the school website, and a link will be provided in the alumni newsletter.

2.Nominations may be completed at any time throughout the year with the final cutoff date of August 30th.

3.Completed nomination forms will be reviewed by the alum committee.



Recipients of this award will be recognized in the following ways.

1.The name of the alumnus/a will be displayed on the “Honored Alumni Wall” in the school

2.The alumnus/a will receive an engraved pen/pencil set.

3.Recognition will be made at the yearly All School Reunion


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Alumnus of the Year Nomination Form
Nomination are Due Date: Any time through August 30th