St. Nicholas of Tolentine enables students to live the catholic faith through prayer and sacrament, a commitment to service and development of moral character through daily religion class.  

Year long service projects
Service hours for 7th grade confirmation

First Communion - In preparation for the Sacrament of Eucharist the 3rd grade students learn that Jesus died for us and was raised from the dead.  Through his sacrifice we have new life.  We celebrate Jesus as God’s greatest gift to us and at each Eucharist we praise and thank God for this gift.  This is a special time for 3rd grade.  The 3rd grade makes the sacrament with their class
First Reconciliation– Is the sacrament through the ministry of a priest, which provides reconciliation both to God and to the Church.  In less recent times it has been referred to as Penance or Confession.   The sacrament follows a ritual of the penitent confessing one’s sins to the priest and in a prayer expressing sorrow for those sins (Act of Contrition), then receiving forgiveness through the prayer of absolution administered by the priest.  This is experienced as a group by First Communion candidates.  
Confirmation — is the sacrament of the Holy Spirit.  7th grade candidates are prepared through classroom work, prayer service and retreat experience.
Student Celebrate Liturgical seasons — by learning about them and celebrating mass as a community.
Daily  Prayer — is and important part of the day for every child
Station of the Cross — During Lent, students from 1st through 8th grade have the opportunity to discuss the meaning of and to pray together the Stations of the Cross.
Celebration of Catholic School Week (CSW ) - CSW is celebrated each year to recognize and promote the importance of our school.  Fun and varied activities each day focus on and show appreciation for all members of our school community.

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