Escuela de San Nicholas de Tolentino

   "Un Lugar Donde Los Estudiantes Florecen y Talentos Fluyen"

St. Nicholas of Tolentine School

"A Place Where Students Flourish and Talents Flow"



Employee of the Year Recognition Program



Persons nominated for this award will have demonstrated the following attributes:

1.     Exemplifies and outwardly demonstrates the Mission Statement and Guiding Values and Principles of St. Nicholas of Tolentine.

2.     Demonstrated excellence in job performance

3.     Promotes a positive work environment through a congenial and supportive attitude.

4.     Provides service to colleagues, students, parents, and the school community.

5.     Works diligently toward notable improvements at St. Nicholas of Tolentine.


Nomination Process:

1.     The Nomination Form will be available in the school office, on the school website and a link will be provided in the monthly principal’s newsletter.

2.     Nominations may be completed at any time throughout the year with a final cutoff date of May 20 or the day closest to May 20 on which school is in session.

3.     The Nomination Form may be submitted by other staff, administration, parents or students.

4.     Completed Nomination Forms will be reviewed by the administration and a recipient will be selected by the administration.

5.     Staff members having received the same award within the past three years are ineligible for this award.



Recipients of this award will be recognized in the following ways.

1.     The employees name will be displayed on the Employee of the Year Plaque to be displayed in the main hallway of the school.

2.     The employee will receive a certificate from the Board.

3.     Recognition will be accompanied by a modest monetary award to be used at the discretion of the recipient. 

Empower students to make a positive impact on their family, school, and community.

                   Employee of the Year Nomination Form

Due Date: Any time through May 20 or the school day closest to May 20.  Type your paragraph here.