Middle School Teachers:

•    Mrs. Lynn Von Bruchhaeuser  6th Grade homeroom/ teaches– Language Arts
•    Mr. Jeffrey Ramon 7th Grade homeroom/teaches – Religion and Science
•    Mr. Billy  Schauer 8th Grade homeroom/teaches – Math and Social Studies

There will be three 1 ½ hour blocks each day

Language Arts:

The middle school language arts program is rich with literature and writing experiences.  The curriculum follows the rigorous standards set forth by Common Core.  The students read a variety of fiction and nonfiction from their textbook as well as current material from Scholastic's Scope Magazine.  They write opinion pieces, fictional narratives, research papers, and personal narratives.  Upon graduation, the middle school students are well-prepared for the challenges of high school.


The middle school science program at St. Nicholas of Tolentine has an ending goal to prepare students for the rigor of high school science. The middle school science program at St. Nick’s uses the Next Generation Science Standards. This revolutionary national movement is aimed to engage students by doing science in order to learn science. Science students at St. Nick’s learn valuable technical science practices such as planning and conducting investigation or making models. At the same time, science students learn how to do scientific research by collecting data, evaluating data, and finding conclusions from that data. By the end of 8th grade at St. Nick’s our goal is that every student has gathered the necessary tools to succeed in high school science.


The goal of the middle school religion program at St. Nicholas of Tolentine is to develop young ladies and gentlemen who are fueled by the Gospels. In their sixth grade year, students study our Catholic roots in Judaism by studying the Old Testament in the fall and the Gospel of Matthew in the spring. Seventh grade students study Catholic Church history in the fall and study Acts of the Apostles in the spring as they prepare for the amazing Sacrament of Confirmation.  Eighth grade students study the Gospel of Luke in the fall and study Morality in the spring. By the end of their eight grade year, we graduate students that embody the spirit of Jesus Christ in all that they do.

Positive Behavioral Interventions

We focus on the things that you do well!

  • All faculty and staff at St. Nick’s have tickets called “Gotchas” that they will hand out when they notice you doing something positive
  • When you receive enough Gotchas, you can turn them in for different rewards

Individual Rewards

20 tickets:

  • Homework pass
  • iPad time
  • Bring in a stuffed animal for a day

Class and Middle School Rewards

  • 250 tickets gets extended recess
  • 300 tickets gets an “Activity Day” (computer lab time, art activity, game day)
  • 500 tickets gets a Movie/Popcorn Afternoon

Middle School Rewards

  • 2,000 tickets gets a a Park Day/Picnic in the spring


1.    Warning
2.    Refection Cool Down (to be signed and returned by parent)
3.    Silent Lunch (another Reflection Cool Down will be given)
4.    Detention
5.    Office Referral

•    If a student receives 3 “Reflection Cool Downs” in one day, there will be an automatic Detention
•    If a student receives 2 Detentions in a week, there will be an automatic Office Referral
•    If there is a serious incident of disrespect, teachers still have the right to issue a detention

Middle School



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