Spaghetti Dinner
September 20, 2013
St. Nick's Fennessey Hall
Community Event./Fundraiser Goal $1,500
Craft Fair
September 22, 2013
St. Nick's Hardiman Hall
Craft & Art Vendors will sell products. Community Event Goal $900
October 4, 2013
West Lawn Park
School Fundraiser Goal $8.000
Bake Sale
November 3, 2013
St. Nick's Parish Lobby
Community Event Goal $1,000
Spring Fling Dinner Dance
March 1, 2014
Burbank Manor
Community Event Goal $10,000
Taco Night
May 2, 2014
St. Nick's Fennessey Hall
Community Event Fundraiser Goal $1,500
Cool our School
Phase 1 2014-2015

Air Condition Project Goal $50,000

Our Sponsors

   Escuela de San Nicholas de Tolentino

   "Un Lugar Donde Los Estudiantes Florecen y Talentos Fluyen"



St. Nicholas of Tolentine School

"A Place Where Students Flourish and Talents Flow"

Forming a partnership with St. Nicholas of Tolentine School, your organization can make a positive difference in the lives of students.  Our partnerships enjoy the positive connection to students and the community they develop as a result of their efforts.  Our community’s health is closely connected to productive citizen and quality workforce.  Partners can be proud of their contributions to our children and our school’s future.   

When your become a St. Nicholas of Tolentine School partner, you join a national movement in which business invest in tomorrow through today’s schools.   Our program is flexible. 

Steps to Establish a Partnership

1.    To get started, give us a call at 773-735-0772 to discuss the possibilities for partnership.  Ask for Debbie Campos Development Director
2.    We will arrange and facilitate a first meeting with our school.  Come take a tour.  
3.    A plan is development and the Partner and the school Development Department begin to communicate directly and establish a working relationship.

The Components of a Partnership

1.     Head of Organization Participates (Owner or Manager)  
2.    Visit the school at least once per year

Partnership Programs or Activities

Member of the School Board of Specified Jurisdiction – School board members will assist in the development of policies that will promote the Mission and Philosophy of St. Nicholas of Tolentine School as well as in the implementation of those policies.   

Sponsor an Event:  Sponsor an event and your company’s name will be publicized at the event and school website and social Media sites.

Sponsor Events

Partnership Benefits

  • Improve the quality of your future work force
  • Builds and improves relationships with communities
  • Boost employee's moral and team spirit
  • Offer a customized plan that meets the needs of the school and the flexibility of your organization
  • Public recognition through the School Announcements