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Family Referral Form

   Escuela de San Nicholas de Tolentino

   "Un Lugar Donde Los Estudiantes Florecen y Talentos Fluyen"

Family Referral Form

In an effort to increase enrollment and improve St. Nicholas, we have an incentive to bring new families into our community.   The Recommend a Family encourages our current families to invite their friends and family members to join our wonderful school.    Here is how the Recommend a Family works:

Fill out the information at the bottom of the letter and recommend as many families as you can.
If a family that you recommend enrolls at St. Nick and remains for the entire academic year, you will receive $400 off next year’s final tuition payment.  

You can earn a $400 tuition credit for the first family that enrolls and $100 for each additional family that stays for the school year.  For example, if you recommend 3 families and they all enroll and spend the entire year at St. Nick, you will receive a $600 tuition credit. 

You have the opportunity to receive a tuition discount for next year!  Please fill out the form below and don’t be afraid to call someone who might be interested in our school and tell them how much you love St. Nick!   Their child will benefit from an excellent education and you will receive a tuition discount.   Everyone wins on the RECOMMEND A FAMLY! 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school office.

When you recommend a family, please provide the following to the school office: 

Your child(ren)’s names(s)/grade(s),  

Friend/Family you are recommending, 

Child(ren)’s name(s)/grade(s), 

Address, Phone or Email (if applicable).