Escuela de San Nicholas de Tolentino

   "Un Lugar Donde Los Estudiantes Florecen y Talentos Fluyen"



St. Nicholas of Tolentine School

"A Place Where Students Flourish and Talents Flow"

Meeting Dates

8:00 p.m. 

Room 101 School  Library

April 8, 2014 

May 6, 2014

​June 10, 2014  8:30 p.m. 

Meeting Agenda & Minutes

April 8  Notes - Spanish      Notes - English 

May 6 -Click here for  Agenda    Notes - English 

Parish Transformation

Over the upcoming months our parish will participate in the Parish Transformation Initiative. As the world around us changes, and as we change as people, it is healthy to step back and evaluate how we are living out the mission of Christ through our parish. This is what we will do through Parish Transformation. Our reflections and discussions will affirm who we are and much of what we are doing as a parish. However, we may find that a fresh look will highlight areas of need that challenge us to try new ideas and approaches. At the end of the day, our goal is to celebrate the gift that is our parish community, while trying to make our parish even more vibrant and effective in carrying out the spirit of Jesus’ mission and ministry.

The Parish Transformation Road Map

Through Parish Transformation, we will evaluate how we are living out Christ’s mission through our parish community in today’s world. Here is a brief preview of the questions and topics we will reflect upon to do this:

* What does it mean to state that mission is at the heart of parish life?

* What are our “Pearls of Great Price?” In other words, what is special about our parish that we should celebrate and build upon?

* What is our parish history and current situation? Who are we as a parish? What is important to us? What do we appear to value the most?

* How are we living out the 7 “Building Blocks for Mission?”

o Evangelization

o Catechesis

o Prayer & Worship

o Communion

o Missionary Spirit o Call to Holiness

o Spiritual Stewardship

After these reflections, we will articulate a “Mission Narrative.” This Mission Narrative does not replace our mission statement. Rather, it is meant to articulate who we are as a parish, what we value, what inspires us, and how we are being called to live out Christ’s mission in our community. This will set the foundation for developing an action plan that will be the roadmap for how we will live out Christ’s mission even more vibrantly. We will then break into smaller groups to develop specific plans for Mission and Finance and School. The final product of our efforts will be a plan that articulates how we aspire to more fully live out Christ’s mission through our parish and how we plan to support this mission financially. Our team will present the final plan to Bishop Wypych as a celebration of our efforts and to kick off implementation of the plan. If you are willing to help our parish/school by being a member of the team, please see Ms. Menden