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St. Nicholas of Tolentine School blends innovative technology and academics with the best faculty and staff.  Our wonderful school community prides itself in a welcoming school environment, parent involvement, family culture, and traditional Catholic values. 


Our Fine Arts program is an essential and enjoyable part of our curriculum.  Our students are confident in their faith and live the Gospel values in preparation for their lives as responsible citizens of their communities and the World.


Enrichment Programs

St. Nicholas of Tolentine is excited to offer several different programs that makes a child's education special and enriched. These programs include Spanish classes, choir, and band. 

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Inclusive Services

One of the most important aspects of a St. Nicholas of Tolentine education is the feeling of being welcomed and included which is why we strive everyday to make sure we meet the needs of every child that walks through our doors. 

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Athletic Programs 

St. Nicholas of Tolentine School's athletic program is focused on creating positive self-esteem images and team building for today's youth.

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