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Meet our Teachers

Menden, Dr. Mariagnes.jpg

Dr. Mariagnes Menden

Majorowski, Ms. Carolyn.jpg

Ms. Carolyn Majorowski

Assistant Principal

Giuffre, Mrs. Kathleen.jpg

Mrs. Kathleen Giuffre

DiPietro, Mrs. Kristen.jpg

Ms. Kristen DiPietro

Janachowski, Mrs. Joan.jpg

Mrs. Joan Janachowski

Hernandez, Mrs. Maria.jpg

Mrs. Maria Hernandez

Pavic, Mrs. Jennifer.jpg

Mrs. Jennifer Pavic

First Grade

Jimenez, Ms. Griselda.jpg

Ms. Griselda Jimenez

Garcia Leon, Mrs. Josefina.jpg

Ms. Josefina Garcia Leon

Second Grade

Vega, Mrs. Debbra.jpg

Mrs. Debra  Vega

Second Grade

Sobieski, Ms. Taylor.jpg

Ms. Taylor Sobieski

Stetler, Mrs.  Vanessa.jpg

Mrs. Vanessa Stetler

Third Grade

Jimenez, Ms. Leticia.jpg

Ms. Leticia Jimenez

Wilkison, Ms. Kara.jpg

Ms. Kara Wilkison

Fourth Grade

Stetler, Mr. Brian.jpg

Mr, Brian Stetler

Linane, Mrs. Sheila.jpg

Mrs. Shelia Linane

Hortsman, Mrs. Donna.jpg

Mrs. Donna Hortsman

VonBruchhaeuser, Ms. Lynn.jpg

Ms. Lynn VonBruchhaeuser

Ruiz, Mr. Edward.jpg

Mr. Edward Ruiz

Seventh Grade

Amaro, Mrs. Jessica.jpg

Mrs. Jessica Amaro

Eight Grade

Johnson, Mr. Bob.jpg

Mr. Robert Johnson

Eighth Grade

Sebastian, Mrs. Lauren.jpg

Mrs. Lauren Sebastian

Director of Inclusion

Baron, Ms. Marylin.jpg

Mrs. Marilyn Baran

Carroll, Ms. Norma.jpg

Ms. Norma Carroll

Galvan, Ms. Martha.jpg

Mrs. Martha Galvan

Tuition Manager

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